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This B2B business growth test gives you insight in your growth potential. Find out how you can optimize your business practices to get a grip on business growth.

Is your organization ready for accelerated growth?

A lot of companies want to grow, but are not aware of their unused growth potential in the area of marketing and sales. This is exactly the area where a lot can be gained from optimizing. By letting marketing and sales work together more efficiently on 6 levels, you get a grip on business growth.

This test is developed for B2B companies with +30FTE that have the ambition to grow! The test is based on our growth model, which highlights the following 6 pillars:

  • Strategy: is there a clear strategy in place that's based on research rather than assumptions?
  • Synergy: How well do marketing and sales work together?
  • Excellence: Are the right channels being used to communicate a uniform message?
  • Technology: Which software is being used and how well are software integrated with each other?
  • Processes: Is there insight into the processes and funnel, are they repeatable and predictable?
  • Insight: To which extent is data being used to optimize the strategy and make business decisions?